Our cookbook

Ayurvedic Cooking

Our cookbook contains selected ayurvedic recipes for all meals throughout the day, and even more.

You can read and download the PDF by clicking on the image below.

"We are what we eat" – the saying explains well the important of food habits in our life. Nowadays there is a healthy wave of changing attitudes towards food all over the world. Not only rich but also common man think twice before consuming junk food and packaged energy drinks.This change happens because of the health problems we are facing now due to bad eating and unhealthy life style.

Early days our food habits were simple as our life. We were much aware of the contents of each meal. Now its the time again to look forward to home made food. Nature itself shows how eating habits affects one's physical and mental attitudes.
According to Vedas, food should be prepared and served on time with proper taste, purity, quality, and feeling. Ayurveda has specific principles about eating habits. This is based on the physical and mental conditions of a person – it means it varies from person to person, the surrounding climate and geographical specification, the available vegetation around, the state of life like young or old, newly married or pregnant and suffering from different diseases.

So now it is obvious that there should be some awareness and guidance needed before planning a balanced diet, properly planned ayurvedic food is the exile of our long life.