Joint pains and Stress

The Joint pain and Stress are very much interrelated, this therapy sets much importance to reduce stress.
Once the stress is less and the body feels relaxed, the intensity of the pain will also come down in most cases.
Stress is the main object and it reflects in the body as pain. Each indvidual is different and its diseases too. We treat each people according to their diseases.

Food, lack of exercise and improper breathing are other causes of stress and joint pain.

In Swedna therapy, we inform and guide our patients to live a healthy life without diseases. The speciality is that we look at the body as a whole and treat in holistic approach. It helps to arrest the disease as well as give less chance to reoccur.

Duration of this therapy is 45 minutes. It depends on the condition of patients. It is decided for 10, 15, 21 or 28 days.