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Health and healing

True health of a person is the balanced state of his body, mind and soul. Disturbances in any of these levels affects his health, needs a cure.

A person in good health is

Diseases and the Cause

Any disagreement with the above said evidences is a symptom of a disease. Only a few persons recognize the earliest deviations from health. Either people won't care the symptoms seriously or won't have time and knowledge to identify them in the body. But these symptoms if not healed on time can cause permanent damage. So this should be identified properly and treated seriously in the right way, in the right time.

The very important fact is that the fundamental cause of a disease is unequal circulation.


Heat expands and cold contracts .If one part of the body becomes cold, there will be less blood in the cold part and too much in some other part, that is a congestion of some other part.

For example sitting quietly in one position for a long time with the mind active disturbs the equilibrium of the circulation. Over loaded stomach will also disturb circulation. So will a drink of ice water or a dish of ice cream.

Errors of diet causes a large percentage of diseases, more than the average person imagines contagious diseases are caused by microscopic germs. But they seem to make no progress until there is a disturbance of circulation.

Now a days a variety of viral attacks are appearing in different parts of the world and spreads unconditionally to every one, of which the latest entry is 'MERS' reported in Saudi Arabia. No body is excepted from these viruses as we all share the vitals of Life like air, water and food. But one interesting Fact is that these viral attacks in some persons become Fatal while in others remains as just a fever. Moreover there is only treatments for the symptoms, no way or drug so far been reported to kill or destroy the cause i.e the virus. The specific steps involved in the treatment is to suppress the symptoms and it is only a supportive care, Finally the body itself should gain the strength to overcome these viruses.

Now the question is why the same contagious disease caused by a microscopic organism can cause different situations in different people. The answer is "Health conditions or standards of people vary even though they appear normally "healthy".

This different standards of health in different people depends on the Fundamental cause "unequal circulation of blood". Healing is possible in all these cases by correcting the circulation of one's blood properly.

General ways to improve blood circulation are

Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India encompasses the healing of body by correcting one's blood circulation in a natural way. It view the person in body, mind and soul and try to Find the healing ways to improve one's health condition by applying changes in

  1. Diet
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Rejuvenation. Therapies using herbs.

Ayurveda consider these three Factors as inseparable and consider as the base of good health.

Need for a change

The vedic thought "Aham Brahma" says the importance of each individual, one process and carry the entire universe within in a precise form. A change in each individual Life causes and affects big change in the universe. So here lies the answer for all our present problems. If we need a change and improvement in personal health or in a big issue like we need to solve the global warming and present adverse changes in climatic patterns, the solution is individual change.

Balancing your Diet

Food and diet can make a vital contribution to continuous good health. One can design own diet by knowing

General Guidance

Improper eating habits

Life Style

Modern Life is very fast and stressful. Everyone is suffering the consequences of this. Only some people find a balance in maintaining life naturally. Most of the people became weak and unhealthy due to poor life styles. It is very essential for each individual to plan his life so that it became more beautiful and peaceful.


Rejuvenation is essential for all regularly as we accumulate toxins in our body everyday. Our body needs regular cleaning and detoxification. Ayurveda offers excellent "process" of rejuvenation.